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The Bottom Line on The Contemporary Issues Agency
When CIA began 19 years ago, we noticed a gaping hole

in student activities programming. No one was providing

QUALITY programs at AFFORDABLE prices. If you did not

a have big budget for celebrities, you had to scramble to

find programs. We decided to specialize in SPEAKERS and

only SPEAKERS, so we are uniquely qualified to offer top

quality lecture programs at affordable prices.

What is CIA?
1. College speakers bureau
2. Lecture agency
3. The #1 source for affordable lectures on the hottest topics.
4. Specializing in THE BEST issue oriented programs for colleges

and universities.

5.  SOME issues we cover: Multicultural programming, alcohol

awareness programs, GLBT programs, finances, social justice,


CIA programs
1. We bring you the most entertaining speakers, who are
  experts in their respective fields to ensure you ALWAYS get a

  superior program.
2. We offer a wide variety of programs, to fit all budget ranges.

CIA staff
1. Knowledgeable
2. Friendly
3. Professional
4. Helpful
5. Customer service oriented

6. Accessible





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On your campus, Dan, David and Rob will make the case that this generation can put a huge dent in the injustice in this world. They will engage the audience around the idea of turning apathy into action, focusing on the issues that students can become passionate about.
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