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Made to Make A Difference
The TRU College Life
Julia Garcia

In a world full of 8 AM classes, excessive studying and intense exams, students rarly get a chance to rememver why it is they were so passionalte about being in college in the first place. With the powerful and youthful voice of author and CEO, Julia Garcia, studnets are given a rare opportunity to see what they are truly made of. Julia knows just what it takes to fulfill your TRU potential, despite your circumstances.

Through her unique style, incredible life stories, and her innate ability to connect with students on a real leavel, Julia is undeniably one of the most original speakers of our time.  By dedicating her life to Work For Meaning, she is helping students unveil everything that is standing in the way of them and their TRU potential.

Julia teaches students how to your their sotry and truth to inspire the world, because we are all Made to Make A Difference.

This presentation is perfect for first year students, orientations, leadership programs, athletes and any school who wants to be a part of the mighty and meaningful TRU Movement.

Julia Garcia received her Master's degree in Human Science with a concentration in social transformation from Saybrook University. She recieved her Bachelor of Communication Arts from New York Institute of Technology and she is currently working towards her PHD in Human Science at Saybrook University.

At 24 years old, Julia Garcia published her first book, Somewhere In Between.

Julia Garcia has been on the lecture circuit since 2009, when she became the creator and founder of; a TRU Movement that combines motivational speaking with the creative arts, such as theatre and spoken word poetry. Through Truality, Julia has inspired thousands of students across the country to be TRU…The Real U.



Thanks for the follow up. We very much enjoyed Julia’s program. We thought she did a great job and engaged the audience. The different presentation formats helped to keep the students interested.

Thanks! Julia was very engaging and entertaining and was able to connect with the students in attendance. She was great!

The event went well. The students really enjoyed it, and I think that it was a meaningful event that everybody got something out of.
Thanks for the opportunity

I just wanted to thank you for your help in bringing Julia Garcia to our
campus. She had a great message and an interactive presentation that kept
our students engaged and really opened their eyes. We have had only
positive comments!

Julia was fabulous and the students were really touched by her presentation.

We had a great time with Julia. She did an amazing job of connecting with our students while delivering an important message. It was a real treat to provide our students with such a quality presenter.

Everything went very well. Julia did a wonderful job.

Julia Garcia was a great event.
I think her presentation and delivery is was received very well and she definitely one of the best speakers I have seen!

Everything went great last night and we’ve had a terrific response from the students already. Our students and staff were completely engaged with her story and presentation. We are definitely interested in bringing her back to campus in the future. I’ll speak with my supervisor, Sandra, and Dean of Students (who loved Julia) to work out the details and we’ll be in touch.

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