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A Short Film for World Peace

John Viscount

Experience this special-event screening of the powerfully moving 20-minute short film, Admissions, winner of 24 International Awards. The film stars Academy Award® nominee, James Cromwell, and will be followed by a Q & A with the film’s creator, John Viscount. John will engage the audience in an enlightening dialogue about the film’s transformational themes and explore new ways to look at events and relationships in our lives that will help us choose love rather than fear. The program’s ultimate purpose is to start a conversation that heals.  

Concerned with the rising amount of division & hostility in the world, John felt compelled to put forth a more compassionate interpretation of life’s events so people could find a pathway to forgiveness no matter what the world served up. Since its premier at the 2011 World Summit for The Global Alliance of Ministries & Infrastructures of Peace in Cape Town, South Africa, Admissions has been featured in 35 film festivals and peace conferences around the world.

Hello John,
It was absolutely wonderful to meet you yesterday and the event was a great success! I really hope we can stay in touch and I look forward to reading your upcoming book and watching future films of yours. You are an amazing person and I really learned a lot from not only the event, but our discussions. I wish we had more time together.

I wish you the very best in your future endeavors as you are making a significant difference in the lives of lovebeings and the world.


Assistant Professor of Political Science

Moraine Valley Cmty. College



Honored as featured film at The Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment’s 2013 GATE 3 Conference in Beverly Hills, California.

Translated into Spanish, Hebrew, Arabic and Farsi and broadcast into the Middle East over MelliTV, a satellite news and entertainment channel that reaches 80 million homes worldwide.

Special Jury Award Lead Actor James Cromwell - Intl Festival for Peace,
Inspiration & Equality
Special Jury Award Best Screenplay John Viscount - Intl Festival for Peace, Inspiration & Equality
Best of Festival - Intl Festival for Peace, Inspiration & Equality
Best Short Film - New York International Film Festival
Best Short Film - International Movie Awards
Spirit Award - Artivist Film Festival
Jury Award Best Short Narrative - Woods Hole Film Festival
Audience Award Best Dramatic Short - Woods Hole Film Festival
Best Short Film - Carmel Film Festival
CoExist Award - Insight Film Festival
Best Children’s Film - Upsala Intl Film Festival
Best Short Film - Spirit Quest Film Festival
Best Short Narrative - Garden State Film Festival
Buzz Award Short Narrative - Awareness Film Festival
Lifetree Film Award - Lifetree Film Festival
Best Short Film - Other Venice Film Festival
Best Short Narrative - Peace On Earth Film Festival
Best Short Film - Hoboken Intl Film Festival
Making A Difference Award - Commfest
Audience Award - Bolder Life Film Festival
Best Short Film Honorable Mention - Bolder Life Film Festival
Best Short Film Honorable Mention - Evolution International Film Festival
Audience Award Honorable Mention - Cleveland Intl Film Festival
Best Short Film Honorable Mention - Love Unlimited Film Festival

John Viscount is the creator of the multiple award winning short film, Admissions. John also co-wrote and produced the film’s theme song, Free. Before becoming a filmmaker, John was a branding specialist with clients that included Fender Guitars, Sega, JBL, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Roland Music Corporation, Transamerica, Toshiba, Boss, Remo Drums, Steinberg, Young Chang Pianos, Union Bank, Blind Children’s Center, Smart & Final and Long Beach Convention Center. During this time, he wrote for, a 24-hour spiritual counseling website, and Fabrengen, a publication featuring uplifting stories and advice. He also did extensive, non-profit, pro bono writing for “Room To Read,” an organization that promotes global literacy by funding new schools, libraries, computer rooms and educational scholarships in impoverished, Third World countries. In this type of work, John experienced the transformational capability of positive messaging. He then founded Mind Over Fabric, an organic clothing line featuring messages of wisdom inspired by teachings from around the world.

Recently, John completed, "Mind What Matters. A Pep Talk For Humanity," a companion book to Admissions that is a collection of inspiring stories and insights that offer lessons in how to remain rooted in our higher mind no matter what life serves up. John’s goal with all his projects is to cultivate more peace in the world through the creation of content that elevates as it entertains.

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