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Behind the Swoosh
Sweatshops and Social Justice
Jim Keady

Jim Keady is an educator, activist, theologian, filmmaker, writer and athlete. He is the Director of Educating for Justice, Inc., a NJ-based nonprofit company that educates and organizes citizens to promote peace and justice in the world. For the past 12 years, Keady has focused much of his time and energy on improving the living and working conditions for Nike’s overseas factory workers. His work has been featured on CBS, NBC, Fox, ABC, MSNBC, CNN, HBO Sports, ESPN, the ABC, the BBC, NPR, WBAI, as well as in the NY Times, Newsday, Sports Illustrated, the Daily News, and countless other local radio programs and print outlets. Keady’s Nike accountability campaign, TEAM SWEAT, can be found at

Behind the Swoosh from Jim Keady on Vimeo.

Well we had about 150 people there and surprisingly they stayed for the duration of the presentation. Many of them seemed motivated to take action, so we are trying to set up some reflection sessions to talk about the issue further. Jim did an awesome job and was very engaging! They got some local press coverage. Thanks.

Jennifer Haren
Institute for Justice & Peace
Walsh University

Once again, thank you! Your presentation at John Carroll University last week was unbelievable! I have been to many a talk and presentation on justice issues and this was one of the best--truly very professional, organized and touching. Thanks again--you were so inspiring."

Pat K.
John Carroll University

Wow!! What a presentation. I knew and heard that it was good, but had no idea the impact it would have on myself and hopefully the others that were present. Besides their incredible message, I was so impressed with Jim. My 10th grade son was there and I was so happy for him to see such a role model. There was Jim, this handsome, athletic, well spoken, intelligent, young man that made a stand for what he believed in, The rights and dignity of others. I personally can't
think of anyone else that my son has met that is anything like that. What an opportunity for him. Thank you again for all of your help. Peace,

Jennifer Byrd
Archdiocese of Philadelphia

From Babson U post lecture comments:

“Just what Babson needs more of”
“Loved the event- I wish Babson had more speeches like these.”
“Extremely inspiring, he is knowledgeable and his work seems extremely researched and credible. I feel empowered after hearing him speak”
“Inspiring, makes me want to do more to raise awareness about actual Nike practices”
“I am blessed to have received the opportunity to hear Jim speak. The event was AMAZING”
“Overwhelmed but well informed”
“Amazing wealth of information, full of new initiatives for social responsibility”
“I am angry and frustrated that we don’t learn more about these issues at Babson. I am so disappointed in Babson because I know they don’t bring awareness to these crucial issues.”
“Very positive experience. The speaker was eloquent, passionate, and has the capability to inspire change amongst his listeners. I will definitely do more to get involved with his cause.”
“I feel compelled to act and really utilize my inherent idealism to make change or at least heighten awareness of social injustices such as this.”
“I loved it- I thought he was very powerful and makes it easier to talk to other people about the issues.”
“I am deeply moved and forever grateful to the group for this life changing dialogue, everyone should hear this man speak”
“The speaker was really, really amazing. Prof. Ricciardi from econ was in the back, and we talked later: he is thinking of writing an open letter to the President about Marie Eitel as commencement speaker, and especially about Babson gear with Nike logo. I am very, very proud of each one of you for: finding such an eloquent, well-researched, passionate, committed, smart speaker; doing so much hard work to bring him here; struggling through the perhaps predictable but actually in this situation quite surprising and deeply disheartening resistance to your work. ”
“This should have been required for all students and held in Knight Auditorium”

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