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Live Group Sex Therapy Show
Daniel Packard


MINDS OPEN – CELL PHONES ON. COCA (The Canadian version of NACA) Speaker of The Year, Daniel Packard, shares his own hilarious “I can’t believe that really happened” love stories to entertainingly show people how to get more of what they want in dating and love.

Audiences use their cell phones to confidentially share their inner most thoughts and secrets via live interactive texting and polling. This creates a anonymous revealing, myth busting, joyride that inspires people to be more honest, confident and really go after what they want when is comes to relationships. Daniel orchestrates a fun and adventurous, crowd-based conversation that slyly pries open the titillating truths and scary secrets we’re not supposed to tell the opposite sex, but need to. What happens then? The truth gets loose, the lid flies off, and a whole lot of relationship-enhancing & hilariously educational steam comes flying out!
Women love the show because they learn helpful information most men will never tell them. Men love the show because they get insight into the way women think. The result for both is more self-confidence and the tools for a more successful relationship.

This fascinating event will have you thinking about sex and love in a much better way!



By 22, Daniel had a successful stand-up career that received offers from TV execs to make him a star. Disillusioned with the predictable, shallow state of stand-up comedy, Daniel rejected Hollywood’s offer, threw out his entire act and set out to redefine what a comedian can accomplish on stage.  His goal, to create a show where the humor comes not from formulaic delivery, but in the passion and excitement of real-life human interaction.

To understand how to use humor to poke and not pummel people, Daniel used his Mechanical Engineering degree to scientifically deconstruct the science and psychology of humor and conversation. To know how to be in the moment but still be in control, he studied the improvisational philosophies of jazz musicians and martial artists.  Six years later, the journey is complete and the experience unrivalled.

Now armed with the ability to open up any crowd and an innovative perspective on men and women, it is safe to say that ”The Battle of The Sexes” has a new peacekeeper, his name is  Daniel Packard and he’s ready to see you now.



It went fantastically!! Since August I have been working to bring this program and it was everything I hoped it would be and more. Daniel was great with our crowd who are not always super participative. There were several students who filled out the questionaire with fake names or no names but Daniel worked around it flawlessly and the feedback from the crowd and from my fellow board members was amazing.  Thank you so much for all of your help!


University of Tampa Student Productions

We had a blast with Daniel. He was very funny and seemed to catch the audience. All the ladies and gentlemen in the house had a blast. We might even get him back next year.  It was a great show.

Monroe Community College

IT WAS GREAT!!! It really got the attention and impact on our campus that I had hoped for. His comical, yet honest presentation was just what Whitworth needed. I have not got any negative attention and hope next year's coordinators decide to bring him.  Thank you for collaborating with us.

Whitworth College


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