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Sex, Drugs, Alcohol & Everything In Between

The TRU College Life

Julia Garcia

A perfect program for student athletes! 

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This powerful presentation with 25 year old Julia Garcia (a former college athlete), explores the TRU college life… after class has been dismissed.

Through her fearless and highly engaging approach, she takes you on an unforgettable journey through the reality that comes flooding in like a bad hangover, after the partying, fun and hookups are over.

Julia takes you through her real life experiences and excessive partying that ultimately led to her sexual assault, the death of her best friend and the infamous night that almost took her entire college experience away completely. 

Through her infectious personality and innate ability to connect with her audiences, she brings poetry, up to date stats, inspiring stories and empowering audience interaction to create one powerful and unforgettable TRU college experience that you won’t want to miss!

Julia Garcia received her Master's degree in Human Science with a concentration in social transformation from Saybrook University. She recieved her Bachelor of Communication Arts from New York Institute of Technology and she is currently working towards her PHD in Human Science at Saybrook University.

At 24 years old, Julia Garcia published her first book, Somewhere In Between.

Julia Garcia has been on the lecture circuit since 2009, when she became the creator and founder of; a TRU Movement that combines motivational speaking with the creative arts, such as theatre and spoken word poetry. Through Truality, Julia has inspired thousands of students across the country to be TRU…The Real U.

Julia has also showcased at the 2012 NACA National Conference, as well as the NACA Mid-Atlantic and Central Regions.

Newspaper arcticle/program review:

I’ve been in Student Affairs for almost 15 years and this was one of the best presentations I have seen. Julia was able to connect with the students so well and she was so engaging.

Melissa E.

Alcohol Education Coordinator

Wesley College

Everyone loved Julia, she truly hit home for a lot of people. Through out her performance everyone was drawn to what she was saying. Literally you could hear a pin drop, that's how silent and active the audience was towards Julia's speech. The University and CPB was proud and honored to have Julia here.

Thank you

Kay B
P.S. The student of Uindy are living the Tru life and are proud of it.


Julia was absolutely amazing! She was thoroughly prepared and extremely easy to work with. Everyone loved her bubbly, warm personality and her story was truly inspirational! She had no problem staying after to autograph books and converse with the students which was much appreciated. We couldn't have asked for the event to go any better. Thank you!!

Alli B
Student Activities Coordinator
Vincennes University Jasper Campus


I just wanted to thank you for your help in bringing Julia Garcia to our
campus. She had a great message and an interactive presentation that kept
our students engaged and really opened their eyes. We have had only
positive comments! It was also a pleasure working with you, Jayne, in
getting everything in order for our program. Thanks to you both!

Stephanie B
Assistant Director of Student Activities
West Texas A& M University

The event was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. Julia was great. Getting to know her on a personal level was probably the best part. She is so inspiring and makes you feel like you can do anything. All you have to do is put yourself out there. I had 450+ come to the event which is an awesome turn out. Her engagement with the audience was unbelievable, emotional and completely captivating. She's not another health book. She's TRU! Thank you so much for all your help in getting her to Clarion. I appreciate it so much.

Brittni N

Lectures Chair

Clarion U

Everything went great last night and we’ve had a terrific response from the students already. Our students and staff were completely engaged with her story and presentation. We are definitely interested in bringing her back to campus in the future. We’ll be in touch.
Thank you for everything!
Caitlin H
Assistant Director of Student Activities

Mount St. Mary College

The event went great! We had 405 students in attendance. This is a
good number for us. Julia was well received. I believe students left the
presentation saying that it wasn't what they expected. It was
interactive, serious, and fun.

For the presentation set up, Julia was very professional and knew what she
needed. This was very helpful.

Angie R
Director, Student Activities
Ferris State University


Julia's program was fantastic! Everyone that I spoke to really enjoyed and benefited from her presentation.

Beth G.

Canisius College







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